Fresh Cut Flower Bouquet vs. Fresh Arrangements - what you need to know

May 06, 2017

Fresh Cut Flower Bouquet vs. Fresh Arrangements - what you need to know

How many times a year do you order flowers? Most of you its a couple of times. For some, a good handful and others, not at all. That's ok. Not everyone wants to have fresh flowers in their homes or you forget how a few bright blooms can lift your spirit when you live with them.

Often times we get asked what the difference is between a cut flower bouquet and an arrangement. We will gladly explain it every time. You see its the difference between having us design the arrangement in a container/basket/vase or designing the flowers in our hands and wrapping them in cellophane ready to be placed in your vase/container at home.

Depending on the occasion will depend on which you would choose. Most of us have a handful of vases to choose from and often enjoy placing them into the vase ourselves. Other times we may be pressed for time or it is a celebration and we won't have the necessary time it takes to do that work, and yes, it is work.

What makes a person choose one from the other is often value. When you purchase a cut flower bouquet, you are receiving the full amount in floral. Yes, all in floral. The greens are not calculated into your price. When you order a vase/container/basket arrangement we have to include the cost of the vessel and the cost of the design fee. This is when most us stop and think "How many vases does Mom have? Does she need another?"


The question really should be "Does Mom enjoy arranging flowers? Is this something that she knows how to do and is good at?" Lets face it. Not all of us can arrange cut flowers in a vase. Not all of us enjoy it. Including me.

In our house we have this rule. I don't particularly care where my husband buys flowers as long as it is a bricks and mortar flower shop. No Costco, no grocery stores. (that's a story for later) If he tries to sneak his way into my flower shop, his order goes to the bottom of the list and the ladies know that my order gets filled last and by better be coming in a vase. Not because I can't arrange my own flowers but because I don't want to! Honestly its the same reason that I probably have less plants in my home then all of you - I have no time - period. Full stop. Wanna come home and leave work at work and let's face it, I'm busy growing children.

So I ask. Really think about it when you order. We have had two calls in the last week where customers have not been happy with the way their loved ones have arranged the flowers in their own vases. We saw the pictures. We were a little taken back. I can tell you this though, they absolutely loved receiving them. Hand delivering flowers is one of the best parts of our business. And who is to say that they are not happy with how they presented them in their own vases. We each have our own style, we each have our own likes. If you're happy with it then who are we to judge your creativity?

As always we are here to help. If you ever want tips and tricks on creating an arrangement in your own vase, we are here for you? Received a bouquet and aren't quite sure what flowers they are or what size vase you should use? Call us. Sending a loved one flowers and they send you a picture of flowers in their own vase and its not what you would have wanted it to look like? Reconsider the option for an arrangement vs a cut flower bouquet next occasion. In the end its about the message and love you are sending.

Have fun creating!

Until next time, N

ps.....want to bring us your vase? Ya, we will design in it for you....repurpose, reuse :)

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