8” Black ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are practically a household name in the houseplant world and are beloved for being super hardy and low-maintenance. Due to their popularity, growers have begun introducing new ZZ plant varieties including the dark and mysterious raven ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Raven’).

The raven ZZ plant made its debut back in 2019 (although it was first discovered in 2015) as a part of the Costa Farms “Trending Tropicals” collection and today it’s considered one of the trendiest houseplantson the market. It is characterized by deep purple, almost black foliage that first emerges as a bright lime green color and darkens over time. As with all ZZ plant varieties, pet owners and parents should be aware that these plants are considered toxic to pets and humans if ingested so exercise caution if you have kids or furry friends at home.