Calathea Leopardina

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The plant has marvelous bright green shovel-shaped leaves with a spotted pattern around the leaf-like a leopard, just like the name. The leaves attach to long, vertical stems that spread outwards in random directions giving a mystical display in any area of your house, whether it is a corner, garden, etc.

The calathea leopardina is mistakenly called Calathea Freddie  by plant sellers and owners. Both plants’ foliage seems similar at first glance; however, if you look closely, the green striped pattern on leaves is different from each other. Furthermore, Calathea Leopardina produces yellow flowers in the wild, whereas Calathea Freddie has white. In short, both plants are different species and shall not be treated as the same.

Calathea Leopardina Care Brief Overview

  1. Soil: Well-draining, loose, airy
  2. Light: Bright, indirect
  3. Watering: Soil kept lightly damp all the time
  4. Temperature: 18°-30°C (65°-85°F)
  5. Humidity: 70%+
  6. Fertilizer: Average